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If you do not hear Web Radio Classics on certain browsers or websites, the reason is these browsers are doing away with the protocol that supports certain streaming media…so far Chrome & Safari have implemented this and it’s expected other browsers such as Firefox are not far behind. Our original 128k stream is now offline. Many third party sites & services have made the swith to our new compatible stream. Third party websites have been notified and it is now up to them to make the changes. TuneIn and iTunes have already made the switch along with several others that are listed on our Listen Links page. If there is a third party site that you like to listen through but cannot, please email us and we’ll contact them for you.  Or you can let them know our new address: Sorry for the inconvience, and hopefully all third party sites will pick up on the change soon. The 64k AAC+ stream used for our apps will remain unaffected.
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